DUETTE® Honeycomb Shades

HONEYCOMB SHADE - Original And Energy Efficient

Honeycomb shades are an innovative and beautiful addition to your plain windows. Not only do they make your windows look stylish, but they are also energy efficient and protect your home in cold and warm climates.

These shades are engineered to trap air in the exclusively designed pockets. This will create insulation that helps reduce overall energy consumption and energy bills.

The best thing is that honeycomb shades are easy to apply, and you can use them to decorate any window, even the tricky skylights, and unusually shaped windows. Although we have a wide selection of honeycomb shades, our signature honeycomb shades offer multiple options and can be used to decorate any type of interior.


High Quality & Premium Style— We offer a high quality and richly textured collection of Duette. Our wide range of collections includes hand-picked, exclusive, design-inspired fabrics with smooth textures and vibrant colors. Each design in our range is created to satisfy the expectations of leading designers and consumers looking for the best designs.

Convenient and Energy-Efficient—Research has shown that about 30% of the energy loss in your home is due to the windows. However, with our innovative honeycomb shades, there is little or no energy loss because the pockets trap air and create exceptional insulation, saving energy. We recently launched our newest honeycomb-in-the-honeycomb design that helps increase energy efficiency.

Wide range of Selection—From pleat sizes to opacities, textures, colors, and operating systems, we have you covered. Our shades are specially designed to fit any window shape, even complicated skylights.

Block the light into your room – with our latest edition; you can enjoy the LightLock™ system. This is the first operating system of its kind to offer unparalleled darkness. The patent-pending side channel is the secret behind the darkness of the room. They are optimized to absorb or divert almost all incident light.

Vertical Application—We also offer vertical applications for doors that require additional insulation. The Duette Vertiglide™ operating system is an excellent option for vertical applications. Moreover, the same fabrics can be used as with Duette horizontal shades. One shade is enough to cover the entire space of a sliding door. You can also cover the door with a split Vertiglide shade, where each side operates independently.

Durability—We make sure to use high-quality fabrics that are durable and do not fade. Plus, the folds stay neat and tidy over time.

Sound Absorption—Duette Honeycomb Shades are designed to absorb up to 70% of sound energy. Sound absorption improves the acoustics of your room and reduces the intensity of sound from outside. With our shades, you can enjoy a quiet and relaxed space.


Horizontal or Vertical
Pleat Sizes
3/8", 3/4" or 1 1/4"
Horiz. 4" - 174" | Vert. 12" - 336"
Horiz. 6" - 144" | Vert. 24" - 120"


Design Studio Side Panels & Drapery—in fabrics that are thoughtfully curated, including eight exclusive prints from NY designer Rebecca Atwood—are designed to pair well with all Hunter Douglas window treatments.

Duette Fabric: Architella® Elan® Color: Indigo Mood

Duette Fabric: Architella® Alexa Metallic™ Color: Ceti

Duette Fabric: Architella® Elan® Color: Farmhouse Red

Duette Fabric: Architella® India Silk Color: Sira

Duette Fabric: Architella® Calypso™ Color: Swell

Duette Fabric: Architella® Batiste Semi-Sheer Color: Linen

Duette Fabric: Architella® Elan® Color: Oregano

Duette Fabric: Alustra® Architella® Jardin Color: Grove

Pirouette Fabric: Alustra Valencia Color: Calatrava


This is just a sampling of our fabric choices. Please request a consultation to see all colors and textures.


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We will happily meet you in-person at your home or on a call to discuss window covering options. Please pick a convenient date and time and we will be there with all the samples needed to make a decision.

We look forward to working with you to make your window covering project easy and your home beautiful!

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