Decorating Tips to Beat the Winter Blues


Are you spending more time indoors than out, hunkered down on your couch, counting down the days until spring? If so, you’re not alone. And while getting enough sleep, exercising and eating healthy are key to improving your mood while Old Man Winter lurks, you might also try incorporating some (or all!) of these no-hassle decorating tips, to help you break out of the cold-weather funk.

Introduce a pop of color. Punch up a neutral palette with bright throw pillows, throw blanket or a small accessory. Don’t forget about your bedroom, if it’s neutral in tone—a new comforter in cheery colors can help boost your spirit. 

Reflect natural light. Add metallic accents or hang mirrors to reflect natural daylight.

Channel Mother Nature. Foliage plants, blooming houseplants (think African violets) or simply fresh cut flowers are great for lightening a mood. Or try forcing spring-blooming bulbs like tulips or daffodils, to remind you of what’s to come. 

Punch up neutrals
Brighten a space

Add personal photos. If you don’t currently have photos that bring you joy—of family, friends, pets or past vacations—displayed in your home, now’s the time to frame a few and place them where you can appreciate them every day.  

Burn candles. Candlelight is the quieter, more relaxing alternative to a roaring fire. Groups of candles clustered together, or even a few spread out throughout a room, create a calming oasis. (Just remember to never leave burning candles unattended.)

Rearrange your furniture. If you’re like most people your furniture has been in the same spot for years. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, you might find that switching things up is like a breath of fresh air.

Bring the outdoors in
Put happiness on display
Relax with a soft glow

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