Roman Shade Styles, Explained

Roman Shade Styles, Explained

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Though Roman shades are an archetypal or classic window treatment but give an elegant aesthetic to any space where it is installed; depending upon the color and design, they can be the most highlighted part of your room or silently enhance the overall look by blending in with your room’s decorative pieces.

Not all Roman shades are made of the same fabric; therefore, you can find some variations in the folds.

The three types that are the most common include soft, plain, and flat.

Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shades (flat fold)

Soft Fold

The soft or hobbled folds usually cascade the entire window length, giving the soft rolls a billowy look. While the folds add depth to the shades, an extra separate fabric blocks the light from entering the room. Due to this extra fabric, these shades can be a bit bulkier than the rest. So, we advise you not to install in the windows that lack depth.

While soft shades add a pleasant look to the room, you might want them to be cascaded down most of the time, simply because raising the shades will put a lot of volume at the window top.

Flat Fold

In simple words, we can define flat folds as those with no seams and a slimmer profile. While the lack of seams gives these shades a minimalist yet classic look, the slim profile makes them a perfect fit for French doors and shallow windows.

Flat shades give the neatly stacked folds when raised; however, you might have to adjust the bottom of these when you want to raise them, so they’re straight; it’s because they lack seams.

Plain Fold (Also Called Flat Fold Sometimes)

Just like flat Roman folds, plain fold Roman shades also have a slim construction. The difference lies in their seams; plain folds remain even when raised. Another benefit of the seams is the depth they add to the solid-colored shades. However, they can also interrupt the design of a patterned shade.

Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shades With Duolite®


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