Maximizing Light Window Treatments


Natural light is nature’s cure-all, serving as an energizing mood-booster and stress-reducer. Plus, it brightens interiors better than any light bulb. 

And while natural light is definitely welcome indoors all year long, it’s most appreciated during winter’s shorter days. The question is, how to channel more of it into your home?

Sure, you could knock down a wall or add a window, if you have a major renovation already in your game plan. An easier way to maximize natural light? Change up your window treatments. 

Pirouette® Window Shadings
Dimmable lighting in the bedroom

Light, airy sheer shadings. Sheer window shadings are an innovative marriage of a blind and a shade. Pieces of fabric, called vanes, are encased on one or both sides by an elegant sheer.

You can tilt the fabric vanes open and closed like blind slats. Open vanes allow natural light to filter into a room while providing daytime privacy. Closed vanes provide privacy as well as light control.

The entire window treatment rolls up just like a regular shade, for when you desire an unobstructed view.

Top-down, bottom-up shades. These shades open from the top down and bottom up. This flexibility is great for letting in plenty of natural light, while still maintaining your privacy.

Single shades with two fabrics. You can also find shades that incorporate a light-filtering as well as a room-darkening fabric on a single shade. Lower the light-filtering fabric to enjoy soft light when you want it and the room-darkening fabric for privacy when you need it.

Designer Roller Shades

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