Five Tips for Styling Shelves


Usually when we think about a metallic finish to add to our homes, we consider gold, silver or bronze. Copper is a welcome change and provides a surprising, unique look. 

While silver is a cool metallic color, copper (like gold and bronze) is a warm color that provides richness and creates an inviting mood.

Even within the color called copper, there are many variations. In general, copper is a cross between rich orange or gold and deep pink. Copper can range from a light honey pink tone to a dark ochre hue.

Show off your pottery collection

Thoughtfully arrange books

    • Display what you truly love. Use only what is meaningful to you—as opposed to every trinket you’ve accumulated over the last 5 year.
    • Highlight handcrafts. Shelves are an ideal venue for showing off framed kids’ art your collection of local pottery.
    • Spread out materials and colors. You’ll achieve a more balanced look if, for example, you integrate woven materials or your collection of pink Depression glass across multiple shelves.
    • Rethink your books. Instead of orienting your books like a library, stacked vertically together, break them up between shelves. Arrange some vertically, then stack others in groups.
    • Add some houseplants. Houseplants can make shelves come alive—and not just literally. They’re an easy way to add form, color and texture. (Just make sure they’ll receive enough light to grow well.)

Channel Mother Nature


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