Bring More Natural Light into Your Home


It’s a proven fact that natural light can make you happier. And the more you rely on sunlight as opposed to artificial light, you save energy too. But if your rooms have smaller windows or are located in areas that don’t bring in much light, there are a few tricks you can use to make those spaces appear brighter.

Use mirrors and reflective décor. Mirrors, as well as any type of shiny décor — like glass frames, gloss tiles or metallic accents — can beautifully reflect natural light throughout the room.

Choose a door with a window in it. For extra privacy, choose a frosted window, or cover a regular window with sheer window treatments.

Consider Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shades. With the flexibility to open your shades from the top down or bottom up, Top-Down/Bottom-Up shades let you block the harsh rays while still optimizing your views.

Opt for light-colored furnishings. Lighter colors, like whites, soft grays and other neutrals, give the illusion of more light. If you want a splash of color, consider yellow or bright green.

Choose a door with a window in it to add natural light to a room.

Opt for light-colored furnishings to give the illusion of more light.

Keep indoor lighting to a minimum. Rather than relying on one overhead light, use several light sources spread throughout the room.

Position your furnishings strategically. Angle your desk toward the light to brighten your workspace. Place a mirror in the hallway to reflect light into a side room. Position your bed by an east-facing window to wake up naturally with the morning sun.

Once you begin to bring more light into your home, you’ll likely feel more energized, productive, and overall, just plain good.


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