Is Investing In Motorized Window Blinds Worth It?

Homeowners want the window treatment to control light and maintain privacy. Blinds are preferred because they are easy to maintain, are quite durable, and appear sleek. There are blinds with horizontal and vertical slats that can be easily pulled down or pushed up. 

Technology has also offered homeowners motorized window blinds. They fulfill the purpose of regular blinds, but are equipped with features that add quality to the interior design. 

Explore the reasons why motorized window blinds investment is worthy


Convenience is the first beneficial factor that every motorized window blind owner will agree with. Smart homes are getting more and more intuitive. With remote control, you can start the washing machine or the dishwasher, have the floors vacuumed after guests leave, and maintain the thermostat to an ideal temperature. Today, you can add window treatment to your home automation strategy. 

Repetitive tasks are motorized, which adds to the convenience. The window blinds can be adjusted with a click not just from inside the house, but also remotely. You can schedule blind adjustments and they occur automatically around the day.

Maximum safety

Motorized window coverings means a cordless system that is safe for pets and kids moving around. Cords are a suffocation hazard if pets or kids get entangled. Motorized blinds are the safest option for pet owners and parents. 

Enhances energy efficiency

Blinds offer better control on home lighting and insulation. Set your motorized blinds to close or open during specific times to enhance lighting efficiency. You can enjoy real savings!

It can feel counterintuitive to close shades on summer afternoons, especially after experiencing the coldest winter months. 

The reality is that rather than running the fan or AC at a blast, you allow sunlight to stream inside. In winter, leverage sun heat for warming the house. You can conveniently save utility bills and create a better home environment. Use a timer or sensor for blind automation, so you don’t need to remember it. 

Protect interiors from harsh sunlight

Direct sun exposure can fade, discolor and permanently damage furniture or carpet. Motorized blinds allow the protection of interior décor by controlling the light amount and the time through automated programming. 

Set a specific time and your furniture will get protection while you don’t need to close the blinds manually. You can choose to integrate wireless sun sensors in the motorized window blinds. The sensor measures heat or light entering the room and adjusts the motorized shades accordingly. 

Improves security

Closing the blinds is not related to just avoiding passersby or neighbors peeking inside. Privacy is essential but the motorized window screens offer more than just keeping blinds closed.

The motorized window shades can operate automatically during the day and night time. It makes passersby feel that there is someone in the house, even if homeowners are in the next state or another country. They deter potential thieves from breaking in. They are great when you pair them with smart lighting or a CCTV system. 

Enhances sleep quality

Some people need complete darkness to fall asleep. A few even get frustrated when the alarm clock blasts early morning. The motorized window blinds equipped with maximum light-blocking opacity help to keep the bedroom dark, which enhances sleep quality. 

There are blackout blinds or curtains but you miss the chance of waking up peacefully in the morning. Set a morning time for the motorized window blinds to slowly open. Everyone can enjoy waking calmly and naturally in the morning, even children.

Maximize home space

Motorized window solutions cannot make a home large but create more useable spaces. A living room can double as a home theater or with a motorized insect screen the porch can be transformed into a pleasant outdoor space. Home interior space can perform double duty with a single touch of a button. 

Motorized windows allow having large windows in bathrooms and bedrooms, which otherwise trigger privacy concerns. Whenever needed, the blinds can be adjusted with a touch of a button. The blinds can be set to close automatically at night. 

Different control options

Motorized window shades can be controlled with a remote control, wall-mounted wireless, or an app. People have a remote on hand or a wall-mounted switch to adjust the blind whenever required. 

There are several apps designed for controlling motorized blinds, just integrate them. Voice commands can be used if you integrate with Google Assistant or Alexa. 

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