Which Is the Best Window Covering – Curtains Or Blinds?

Window treatments help control indoor temperature, light, and privacy while adding oomph to the décor. Curtains and blinds are common window solutions. If you want to find out which one is better for your home, then get to know their pros and cons. 

Blinds are cheaper than curtains

Blinds need less time and material to manufacture, so the cost is lower. Installation is completed in less than 20 minutes. The high-quality vinyl and wood blinds are more costly than the plastic ones. 

Curtains need more time and money to manufacture, so they are more expensive than blinds but there are many affordable options. Installation takes about the same time as with blinds. Draperies made of silk and linen material is more expensive than cotton draperies.

Blinds are better for light control

Two slat options are available for blinds including horizontal and vertical. Use cords to pull down or lift the slats. You can twist to tilt the wand and rotate slats for better light control without sacrificing your privacy.

Light enters even if the blinds are completely closed. Sheer curtains allow sunlit to enter but thick curtains block outdoor light entrance completely. 

Blinds are durable

If you maintain blinds well, they last for more than 15 years. Many blinds are designed from plastic, vinyl, or aluminum. They can handle the harsh climate and so no concerns about discoloration or staining. 

Curtains are also resilient and less prone to routine wear and tear.

Blinds are simple to clean

Blinds surface is hard and slick, so dusting with a microfiber cloth is easy. Just close the slats and wipe them with a cloth. Rotate blinds 180° and clean the opposite side. Moisten a soft cloth with a mixture of vinegar and water to handle the stubborn dirt and stains. 

Curtain cleaning can be time-consuming and extensive. For clearing the dust use the vacuum cleaner. For stained or soiled areas, you may need to soak them in 75% water & 25% vinegar solution. If there is mold, then use 3 part water & 1 part bleach to soak. 

Delicate curtains need to be hand washed, while there are a few that can be washed in the washing machine. However, for washing, you will need to remove them from the rod, clean and iron them, and then put them on the rod and fix the hardware.

Curtains for better insulation & soundproof

Blinds and curtains enhance overall window insulation. Both blinds and draperies can help save on energy costs and low utility bills. It depends on the product and materials you purchase. The thicker the blinds or curtains the more insulated they are. Be sure to inquire about energy efficient blinds and draperies.  

Both blinds and curtains help in sound absorption from outdoor traffic or neighborhood noises. Tightly woven, heavy-weight fabric like velour or velvet is a great sound absorber than blinds because they are thick and don’t have slats to allow sounds to enter. 

Curtains offer extra design choices

Curtains are available in different styles, colors, palettes, patterns, textures, and transparency levels ranging from sheer silk to geometric cotton curtains. Interior design style doesn’t matter because curtains blend with every theme. 

That said, there are many types of blinds in multiple styles and materials. If you are seeking a minimalist design, blinds may be a better option for you. 

Which is best – curtains or blinds?

Both types have their pros and cons, so the best solution is to blend both options. Use curtains in areas with less moisture like the bedroom and living room to maximize design options, soundproofing, and insulation. 

Blinds are great for highly moist areas like the kitchen and bathroom. You can easily maintain and clean them. For better light control and privacy use them together. Today, more and more people install both types at the same window – and they look beautiful!.  

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