Things To Know About The Cellular Shades – Some Facts

People have an issue with their window placement because they cannot just decide on a place to install them. Some rooms will not give enough choice and the only available option is the Southern wall. This place will allow enough sunlight, which can then make the room look sun-drenched. Cellular shades are the best choice to avoid the entry of more sunlight than required in any room. 

The idea of cellular shade installation can be fulfilled only when you find the best installation services. Biggie Blinds Denver services are one such option for you. They are the most famous blind installation services in Denver and have fulfilled all the needs of their customers. 


The first cellular shades were released to the market in 1985, by Hunter Douglas. When introduced, the idea was to offer durable, and energy-efficient blinds to the users, also with soft fabric. As the popularity of these blinds increased, more people started choosing them for their homes, and also for their rooms. 


Cellular shades are quite famous for their contained, and also clean look. This factor makes them ideal to blend with any room décor or theme. The colors that are used to design these blinds are available in multiple choices, and you can check the shades of your preference. Explore the best one for you and make the right choice. 

The beauty of choosing cellular shades is that they are the best insulators. The honeycomb designs of the blind successfully trap both heat and cool environment within the room, and hence will not escape outside. The shades are designed with multiple layers to keep both warmth and cool air inside the room. 

The shades are the best light diffusers. When the room with the cellular shades is lit, you can notice that not even a single ray of light will escape the room. The same goes for the outside light too. Be it the warm glow, or bright light, no amount of light will escape from this shade to the outer or inner environment. 

When folded, the blinds will retract into neat, small, and also well-placed pleats of fabric. You can enjoy a clear view of the outer area of your room. However, when you close the blind, you can be rest assured that your privacy is well maintained by the blind. 

Upgrades in the Cellular Shades 

Here are some shade upgrades over time. 

  • Cornices and Valances 

These can enhance the beauty of cellular shades. 

  • Cordless Lift 

The cellular shades are designed with a hidden control system to make sure that there are no issues while handling them. With a simple touch, the blind can be lifted up or down as per your requirement. 

  • Continuous Cord Loop 

The loop is designed in such a way that it keeps the cord intact even after constant usage. The cord can be pulled in both directions without causing any problems to the cord. 

Cellular cords are not ideal for such places that exhibit high humidity, and cannot be installed on the window panes that are installed in the bathroom, kitchen, and so on. 

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