Top 7 Reasons Why Roller Shades Should Be Your First Choice for Window Treatments

When it is to cover your windows, plenty of options are available on the market. However, amongst the most popular ones, you will find Roller Shades. They are a preferred choice of homeowners as they are suitable for installation in almost any room – bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even bathrooms. 

Besides, they are versatile enough to suit any interior décor. Nevertheless, for personalization, it is crucial to work with a dedicated team like the one working with Biggie Blinds Denver. It is a family-owned small business that serves Denver and surrounding areas like Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. They are flexible and creative and are looking forward to working on your suggestions and ideas when it comes to designing roller shades for your home or project. 

What makes roller shades a great choice?

Roller shades are durable, and flexible, and come in a variety of designs to suit any window. They can provide moderate to complete privacy and operating them is super easy as well. Compared to any other window coverings like drapery, roman shade, or any other fabric product, roller shades are a must better option. Here are the top 7 reasons why roller shades are the first choice of most homeowners…

1. Pretty affordable

If you have just one or a few windows in the house, sticking to the budget is not a necessity for you. However, when there are multiple windows, affordability is an important point to keep in mind. Roller shades are affordable compared to other products. The top reason for this is less fabric is used in making them compared to curtains or drapes. 

2. Saves energy

Roller shades efficiently block the sun’s scorching heat from entering your home, thus maintaining the inner temperature. This means you will be saving a lot on your A.C. bills.

3. Very sturdy

You certainly want to install something appealing, but durability is not something to neglect. Roller shades made from strong steel tubes and heavy-quality fabric last for years.

4. Provide protection against U.V. Rays

U.V. Rays are not only harmful to your skin but can even damage your furniture. By installing high-quality roller shades, you can prevent almost 88% of U.V. Rays from entering your house. 

5. Easy maintenance

Curtains usually accumulate dirt faster and thereby need machine washing frequently. On the other hand, roller shades are made using materials that are known to avoid dust. To clean, all you need to do is dust them. 

6. Compact

Roller shades are made keeping your window size in mind. They fit correctly on the windows and thus take lesser space compared to traditional drapes and curtains. 

7. Available in different opacities

You can control your privacy by installing roller shades in materials that provide moderate to extreme privacy. From translucent materials to materials that can block your view completely, roller shades are available in plenty of varieties. 

Well, you see there are many reasons to install roller shades compared to drapes and curtains. So, get a quote for installing durable, flexible, and trendy roller shades today.

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